The Lord is able to restore everything the devil has stolen! We know that Satan desires to steal everything good from us, but as a believer, you have the legal right to stand on God promises.
God wants you to live without lack. He desirs total recovery, restoration, and abundance for you and your loved ones! He will blesss you with untold blessings so you can in turn bless others!
Even when the world's system is failing, you can have total recovery,, total restoration, and total abuundance! God can give you great wisdom on how to move into supernatural success and plenty.
The foolish neglect God and are punised. Continually remember His ptomise: Call upon me in the day of touble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me"
Just as God delivered Paul and Silas from jail, He can free you from the problems that imprison you. He can give you peace in the midst of the strom. He can replace hesrtache with joy. He will loose your chains and free you totally if you will just offer up praise and prayer to His holy name!
Sow your seed toward the Gospel, believing for God to overtake you with a bountiful outpouring. Favor is about to invade your life, your home, and your future!




All of us have lost things - opportunities, money, relationships, and even family members that have walked away from God. Obey God and your life will change drastically: total recovery, total restoration, and total abundance!
It is only as we pray that obstacles are revoked from our path. God makes a way of escape for us and sends His power to bring us out. Prayer is the only place of protection, deliverance, and revelation.
The God we serve is not controlled by conditions. He controls conditions. The world's economy will continue to crumble, but your position as a believer is one of strength and power. God is ready to grant you an abundant, supernatural harvest.
Make sure your petition are definite and explicit. Take all the time you need to tell God about your need. Then ptay in faith, believing to receive.


    Benny Hinn is an envangelist and a best selling author. He heads a world wide organization of miracle crusades and conferences.


    January 2014
    December 2013